Brecce Rosse

Typology: Serrapetrona D.O.C.G.

Grapes: località Sogliano – località Colleluce

Vineyards: Vernaccia Nera Passita, Merlot

Titatrable acidity: 6,00%

Total dry estract: 31,00%

Sugar content: 2,00 g/l 

Refinement: Barriques – Bottles

Alcohol: 14,00% Vol

Serving temperature: 13/15°

Brecce Rosse is a dry wine obtained by 92% of dried Vernaccia Nera grapes and 8% of fresh Merlot. It is a wine with an intense ruby red colour and a rare smell of ripe red fruit, elevated by the barriques maturation for at least 10/11 months. It is a fullbodied
wine with a soft warm taste that has to be enjoyed with red meat, game, blue fish or dark chocolate.