Surrounded by a wood at an altitude of 500 m above sea level with a southeast exposure, is located the small family farm of Ms Franca Malavolta & C., known as COLLELUCE.

The farm’s owner decided to step down as post office’s employee for fully devoting herself to the company because of her love for processing what the land gives and the strong connection with the oenologist Bruno Iacoponi.

Passion, faith and sacrifice are the essential elements that draw Franca, Bruno and their children to cover 90 Km between their home and their farm, any time is necessary.

This family truly believe in taking care of the vineyard, following the natural cycles without distorting any natural product. A good technician is not the one who always realize the same product, but the one who can get an extraordinary quality, due to the different exposures of the lands.

Enjoy the real taste of grapes in your glass.

The wine produced is Vernaccia of Serrapetrona: a unique wine obtained by the peculiarity of native grape variety named “vernaccia nera” and also by the use of dried grape.

The highest production is 28/30.000 bottles per year. The reasons for this low yield per hectare are the intense vine pruning, the use of their own grape and the selection of the best grape only, for the perfect withering.

Total commitment and persistence are the main ingredients of a sublime sparkling wine, a great niche healthy product that follows a secular tradition and be assured… it will not go straight to your head!