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The Vernaccia of Serrapetrona is a natural red sparking wine that it can be obtained by 85% of the autochthonous vineyards Vernaccia and 15% of Sangiovese, Montepulciano or Ciliegiolo.
The best grapes are kept and dried in special rooms, the rest, instead, is pressed at the moment of the grape harvest  and it is put in steel tanks for the first fermentation.
After 2 month also the dried grapes are pressed for the second fermentation. The two parts, that are not completely fermented, are finally positioned in autoclave to allow the third fermentation.
During the latter process and the froth production, thanks to the watertight surroundings, the carbon dioxide, the perfumes and the natural fragrances of this fruit are not wasted.
The result is a wine with vanishing froth and a perlage with a fine and persisting grain; it has a red colour with shades that change from garnet to ruby red.
A wine with a spiced perfume of red fruit, jam and spices.
A wine which must be tasted. Absolutely.